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Ambassador Program

Would you like to join the world's most intimate ambassador experience?

Then this could be your chance!

We launched in the middle of the pandemic and have built quite a community since with thousands of mates worldwide.

And we don't care if you don't have a blue checkmark on your IG account or how many followers you've got.

We lower the barriers of becoming an ambassador at m8apparel so mates, just like you can take part in creating the world’s friendliest brand together with us.

And it’s not the status, giveaways, discounts, or sponsored posts that will make you happy.

It is the connections and m8’s you’ll make

Here are some of the perks you'll be getting if accepted.

Exclusive, Ambassador-Only Welcome offer

When you join, you'll get a generous offer to kick-start your journey with us!

Get Paid To Take Photos $$$

After you take photos wearing m8apparel and post them on your Instagram, tag us (@m8apparel) so that we see them. We will then feature your photos on our Instagram account. When we feature you in a story, you get tagged and if we post you on our page, you get paid.

Your Personal "Influencer Code"

You will also get a unique referral code just for you, that you can share with your friends and social media followers. If they make a purchase with your code, you'll earn 10% of the sale!

Access Our Exclusive Ambassador Discord

We have a discord server with m8's from every corner of the world as a place to bring all ambassadors together from our community into one place where you can make friends and come hang out.

You will be in the inner circle, connect with other ambassadors and the m8apparel team on a daily basis in a personal way. 

You will gain XP by interacting with the community and making friends. Once you hit certain levels you can redeem prizes in form of free clothing!

Be followed by our official IG account and receive a 'Social Media Boost'

This is an initiative to try to BLOW UP your social media and give you some motivation to keep doing whatever you're doing.

Whether you're a streamer, wanna pursue a modeling career, drive traffic to your Spotify, or just wouldn't mind a bit more followers.

Our community is here to support you, and this opportunity might just be perfect for you!

We've helped ambassadors grow with thousands of followers in the past thanks to our supportive community. 

You'll learn more about this opportunity in our discord.

Be a Guest on The 'm8-podcast'

Be a guest on our podcast that is currently getting thousands of listeners each week.

The point of the podcast is to prove that two people who've never spoken before can become m8's easier than we might think.

This is a great way for all of us in the community to get to know the ambassadors behind m8apparel. Each new episode is with the founder of m8apparel + one ambassador.

Once you're an ambassador you'll have the opportunity to be a guest on the Podcast. 

Ambassador-ONLY Giveaways

As an ambassador, you'll be able to take part in our monthly exclusive giveaways which are held on discord!

Be Flown out To Events and Meet-ups

We have high ambitions & plans with this brand. Our vision is a world full of mates, Instagram & clothing is just a tool for us to get there.

As we grow you will get to come to brand-sponsored concerts and events to watch popular music artists perform. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to be early on a worldwide movement.

Partnering with local ambassadors across the globe to host meet-ups. That would be amazing, just imagine how many genuine friendships that could lead to. 

We are rewriting the story of what it means to be part of a brand by using our influence and reach to give you experiences unlike any other.

Sounds like something for you?

Apply now M8!

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